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Science Expo 2018

More than 300 people descended on the City Centre Branch on May 10 for the library's third annual Science Expo. Judges from the Faculty of Science and Technology at Douglas College interviewed the participants -- all students who live or go to school in the Tri-Cities -- and scored the projects. 

Highlights included:
  • A blood clotting experiment with implications for sufferers of hemophilia and acidosis
  • A way to reduce cavities using bacteria that infect other bacteria inside your mouth
  • An arm-strengthening sheath called the Exo-Elbow
  • An energy-saving lighting system that uses an Arduino computer with sensors to count people inside a room, then switch off the light after the last one has left
  • An experiment showing that background colour affects memory / word retention
  • An experiment comparing run-off on soil slopes covered with vegetation vs. plastic mesh vs. no stabilizing underlayer, and its implications for local fish-bearing streams
Participants were arrayed in four categories: Elementary (gr. 4 and 5), Middle (gr. 6 to 8), Junior (gr. 9 and 10), and Senior (gr. 11 and 12). The ever-growing Expo featured 36 projects, compared to 31 the year before, and 23 the year before that. Winners receive medals (for second and third place), trophies (for first), prize cheques and bowling passes from Zone Bowling, a long-time supporter of the event.
Our thanks to all the participants, parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, judges, and volunteers who supported the event, as well as our dedicated partners: School District 43 and Douglas College!

Here are this year's winners:

Elementary Category

1st place

Rian Bhalla

Ecole Kilmer Elementary, Coquitlam

Project Name: Erosion: A Fishy Problem?

2nd place

Maia Kanagawa

Pleasantside Elementary, Port Moody

Project Name: Green vs. Chemicals

3rd place

Mahima Iyer and Aadhav Iyer

James Park Elementary, Port Coquitlam

Project Name: Heartbeat and Music


Middle Category

 1st place

Sofija Kovacic

Traditional Learning Academy, Coquitlam

Project Name: Does Colour Affect Memory?

2nd place

Stefan Kovacic and Adam Kenny

Traditional Learning Academy, Coquitlam

Project Name: A Better Scarecrow

3rd place

Marissa Levers

Summit Middle, Coquitlam

Project Name: Venom in the Blood


Junior Category

1st place

Ardalan Ghazizadeh

Port Moody Secondary, Port Moody

Project Name: Smart Energy Saving Lightbulb

2nd place

Sienna Liu and Yuwen Zhang

Gleneagle Secondary, Coquitlam

Project Name: Plant Growth in Gel Substrate 

3rd place

Hoomehr Mangoli

Pinetree Secondary, Coquitlam

Project Name: Electromagnetic Levitation


Senior Category

1st place

Ah Jin (Angela) Yoo

Heritage Woods Secondary, Port Moody

Project Name: Blood Flood

2nd place

Mike Roslikov

Inquiry Hub Secondary, Coquitlam

Project Name: Bacteriophages and Oral Hygiene

3rd place

Christopher Halim

Heritage Woods Secondary, Port Moody

Project Name: Exo-Elbow

Scenes from Science Expo 2017

Never been to the Science Expo before? Have a look at the amazing projects and experiments from video (in 3 parts) of last year's event.

Science Expo 2017, Part 1: Elementary Schools

Science Expo 2017, Part 2: Middle Schools

Science Expo 2017, Part 3: High Schools

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