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Friends Donations

The Friends of the Coquitlam Public Library Society donated $1600.00 to Coquitlam Public Library, which will go toward our children's department for play centres, and an additional $3,300 and for a 3D printer, thanks to the Spirit of Coquitlam Grant.

Pictured: Todd Gnissios (CPL Director), Wendy MacIntyre (CPL Friends Member), Jack Trumley (Library Board Chair), Jamie McCarthy (CPL Friends Member) and Penny Nelson (TriCities University Women's Club).
The University Women's Club kindly donated $600.00 for the Books for Babies program to the Friends of the Coquitlam Public Library at the last meeting on Saturday.


Pictured: Jack Trumley (Library Board Chair), Wendy MacIntyre (CPL Friends Member), Jamie McCarthy (CPL Friends President) and Penny Nelson (Tri-Cities University Women's Club). Thank you for your generosity!
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